About us

The most dedicated community in Romania
Esports Addicts is a gaming company founded in April 2015 that grew to become the main landmark in Romanian eSports scene. Starting as a simple gaming community for the online video game Dota2 it has developed into a sprawling community that would kickstart the competitive spirit in many online games; precisely the three most popular eSports: Dota2, Hearthstone and recently, due to its undeniable potential, Overwatch are now covered by the ESA grid. The company intends to establish itself on the international scene by promoting and supporting major eSports events.
ESA is a project inspired by young passionate people that work together for the same aim: to cultivate the idea of gaming in our country. Our team consisting of: publisher, content creators(video and editorial), streamers and online personalities, community and social managers are the members who seek to promote and nurture the local eSports scene. Bringing all of the key components such as fans, casters and representative brands under the same roof and  offering them new and diverse information, our sites became the central point and go to for news coverage, quality content and even online competitions leading to a major shift of interest towards the innovation of Romanian eSports.

Our mission

To develop and strive within the eSports community
ESA encourages and guides enthusiastic players, amateurs or profesionals, training them up in a friendly and organised enviorment, where they can discover and develop their individual features. Therefore, Esports Addicts is proud to serve as a launching pad for those who got involved and spent enough time self promoting through hard work. From covering news to over 100 successful LAN tournaments, the gained experience had a major role in their CVs bringing them the opportunity to coordinate important departments within renowned international companies. Our main goal is to promote and develop the Romanian eSports scene through quality content and news coverage as well as professional-grade tournament and events sprawling across the many video games titles that we cover. Aside from this, Esports Addicts seeks to train and bring together a team of passionate and talented gamers and individuals who share our vision and goals.


Watch the best games in the land, live and uncut!
Esports Addicts offers coverage for all eSports related events that at least host an event for any of the games we are currently focusing on. Interviews, footage and by even active participation are just some of the ways that ESA and its team attends all of the major national eSports events.Check out or gallery and video content for quality coverage and interviews from the events.
We offer a dedicated crew for video production and on-site interviews. Be it pro players, personalities or fans, our interviewing team will be always be there asking the questions that matter and delivering the answer that matter in 1080p, crystal clear audio and video.
Starting from the ground up and being the parent company for some of Romania’s top eSports sites, Esports Addicts brings experience and dedication to the ever growing eSports journalistic front. We specialise in a vast array of post coverage: news, tutorial, features, written interviews and tournament coverage so that we can lways br there to deliver the latest news in eSports.
By allowing our audience and fans to experience the events we cover, through our high quality 1080p media content, we deliver them an authentic and exciting experience, as if they were attending it themselves. Esports Addicts aims to set a standard in Romania regarding the quality and accessibility of all eSports related media content.

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